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Treatment & Prevention Service

Walker's provides surface treatments to reduce the spread bacteria & viruses

Preventative Treatment

Even with proper maintenance, surfaces will become re-contaminated with various pathogens in between cleanings. Walker’s now offers treatment with high standard products like Benefect, Concrobium, Mediclean, Sporicidin bond to inert surfaces and provides persistent antimicrobial activity. Importantly, the microscopic coating is not removed by regular cleaning products, offering lasting protection from a variety of pathogens

Cleaning & Disinfection

A clean surface is easier to disinfect and so cleaning and disinfection programs complement each other.
The facility should be disinfected regularly using validated sanitizers and sporicides. Walker’s can execute an existing contamination control plan or develop one to meet the process requirements.

Surface Preparation

Coronavirus Disease

A recent study of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) found that coronaviruses can remain infectious from 2 hours up to 9 days on hard surfaces. Proper cleaning and disinfection are needed to deactivate bacteria and viruses.
Walker’s technicians have the training and resources to reduce or eliminate infectious elements from a wide range of environments. From healthcare facilities to general office space, Walker’s delivers targeted cleaning and disinfection services.

Surface Sterilization

Walker’s provides manual cleaning and disinfection of clean zone surfaces. High-quality detergents and pharmaceutical-grade disinfectants are used in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices and client Sops. Product selection and cleaning techniques are all properly documented.
When necessary, two disinfectants of different modes of activity can be provided to meet regulatory expectations that disinfectants are rotated. For sterile areas, a sporicidal disinfectant can be incorporated on a periodic basis.

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